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On-demand transport

Flexible on-demand transport services

jvmalin.fr and its partners offer flexible on-demand transport services to improve the public transport offering in suburban and rural areas where coverage is often sparse. Provided by minibus or light vehicles, the services are activated upon booking and subject to conditions.

Consult partner networks to find an on-demand transport service.


Ridesharing in the Centre region

An easy, cost-efficient and sustainable practice. These are the partner sites of jvmalin.fr for the Centre region.


National partners offering ridesharing in and to the Centre region.


Use the park-and-ride sites for easy access into the city centre with public transport.

Park-and-ride in Tours

Leave your car in one of seven park-and-ride (P+R) sites in the greater Tours area and get around by bus or tram. Non-members enjoy beneficial rates, while Fil Bleu members have free access.

From 31 August: two types of P+R sites:

  • automated parking lots: open 27/7 all year, giving access to public transport rates + car park access at any time of the year.


    • Members validate their card at the validator before parking.
    • Non-members take a ticket at the parking lot entrance and validate it at the entrance barrier before parking. They then take the ticket to the P+R ticket machine. The ticket must be placed on the target zone of the machine to be updated with a P+R ticket with all-day access to the bus and tram network. Tickets for additional passengers can be added using the card machine.
  • Automated parking lot locations: Tranchée, Lac, Mayer, L'Heure Tranquille
  • guarded parking lots: open from 7am to 7:30pm (accessible from 6am for members) from Monday to Saturday all year, giving access to public transport rates + parking at any time of the year. Users may take their cars out the parking lot at any time of day or night, every day of the year.


    • Members present their card to the car guards
    • Non-members buy a P+R ticket from a car guard, giving them all-day access to the bus and tram network. The ticket can be reused on the network or in a guarded P+R.
  • Guarded parking locations: P+R Sagerie, P+R Vaucanson, P+R Jean Monnet
    Read more about the park-and-ride sites

Parking is free for members.
 The fee for non-members is €2.50€ + €0.10 for a day ticket, for up to four people in the vehicle.

Park-and-ride sites in Orléans

12 park-and-ride sites are available on the A and B tramlines and closely located to a station.

  • Line A:
     4 P+R sites (Libération, Zénith/Parc des Expositions, Victor Hugo and les Aulnaies) are guarded from 7am to 8pm (Monday to Saturday) and issue specific P+R tickets during opening hours. 1 P+R site (Bustière) is reserved for TAO network customers holding a valid public transport ticket.
     1 free open-access P+R site (Jules Verne).
  • Line B:
       6 guarded P+R sites: Pompidou (La Chapelle Saint-Mesmin), Pont de l’Europe (Saint-Jean de la Ruelle), Gaudier-Brzeska (Saint-Jean de Braye), Rol-Tanguy (Saint-Jean de la Ruelle), Droits de l’Homme (Orléans), Clos du Hameau (Saint-Jean de Braye)
  • Parking access: validate your ticket to open the barrier. Every passenger must have a valid public transport ticket to travel on the network.
    Outside payment desk opening hours, parking access is free. A parking ticket machine is available on the tram station platforms.
    Read more about the park-and-ride sites
  • Specific rates apply to the guarded P+R sites.
    With the parking + tram offer all the passengers of a vehicle (no more than 7 people) a return journey together on the transport network.
    The P+R ticket may only be sold to people whose vehicle is parked in the guarded P+R site. Tao clients can access the P+R by validating their tickets at the P+R entrance.
    Read more about the P+R ticket


Getting around by bicycle is an increasingly popular means of collective transport for users.

For motor-free mobility, cycling is a sustainable and inexpensive means of motor-free mobility with no direct CO2 emissions. It can also make an important contribution to public health and sustainable development, as it is environmentally-friendly and improves the quality of life in urban areas. Other than being a means of transport, cycling is an effective driver to help future generations tackle the challenges facing the planet.

However, as distances between home and the work place, schools or universities increase, users often need to resort to other means of transport (car, collective transport, motorbike or scooter, etc.) or simple go by foot over variable distances. It is for this reason that there needs to be a better interface between cycling and public transport.  

The public transport bodies in the Centre region of France are committed to improving this means of transport.

Discover the services and routes by region

Cycling in Orléans

Logo Vélo plus à Orléans
  • vélo'+: a self-service bicycle share system available across the Orléans Metropolis.
  • vélo'tao: Tao gives you options! The Vélo’tao long-term bicycle hire scheme offers a complete range of flexible travelling solutions for the Orléans Metropolis : long-term hire of bicycles with or without electrical assistance.

Cycling in Blois

Hire an electric bicycle for a fraction of the cost for a duration of 1 month, 3 months or a year.

Find out more: http://www.azalys-blois.fr/se-deplacer/autres-services/location-de-velo/

Vélociti in Tours

  • Vélociti in Tours is a long-term bicycle hire service covering the greater Tours area: Vélociti

Géovélo in Tours

  • Géovélo in Tours: a cycling journey planner in Tours: Géovélo

Cycling the Loire

Logo à vélo en promenade

Whether on a cycling holiday or a weekend excursion, discover La Loire à Vélo and its 800km of cycling routes from Cuffy (in Cher) to St Brévin-les-Pins (in Loire-Atlantique).

Berrycyclettes, Cher Department

Logo Berry bicyclettes
  • Discover the French department of Cher at your leisure with the Berrycyclettes bicycle-hire network of over 18 select partners. Cycle your way through Bourges, Sancerre, Sologne and of course the Loire without worrying about the logistics of transporting your equipment. Find the bicycle pick-up points, cycling news, rates and other information on the website www.berrycyclettes.fr.

Leisurely bike rides

Organise your bike ride in the Centre-Val de Loire region to enjoy some 4000km of cycling routes in the Val de Loire, Touraine, Sologne, Berry and more.

  • Updated every year and always free, the AgglO bike pass allows you to bike about safely and easy: AgglO cycling routes.


In accordance with the French Law of 11 February 2011, France's public authorities are committed to making their public transport networks and websites accessible to all.
As such, in addition to adhering to the requirements outlined by these accessibility standards, JVMalin requires the involvement of its partners to its website is fully user-friendly.
JVMalin is also accessible to visually-impaired and blind users who using a Braille keyboard or speech software.
Details on journey accessibility are now displayed along with the chosen itinerary to inform users with reduced mobility on the network access conditions, depending on their disability. These details are for information purposes and are subject to operating conditions.