TIG network

Transport Issoudun Gratuit (TIG) and Transport Issoudun Gratuit Rural (TIGR)


The free "TIG" bus gives users access to various facilities in the city and has:
    - 39 stops
    - 4 routes
 It runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and all day Saturday

CCPI community of municipalities
The "TIGR" is the TIG's rural sister bus and services all the communes of the CCPI:
    - 3 routes,
It runs on Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons
The Saturday timetable of the three "TIGRs" has been adjusted to accommodate cinema-goers.


Issoudun is located on the Paris-Toulouse rail route and is serviced by a number of TER trains facilitating transport in the Centre regino.

Organising authority

The Communauté de Communes du Pays d’Issoudun is a community of municipalities. It was created 1994, and comprises 12 communes and 22,000 inhabitants.