Le Vib network

Le Vib'

STU Vierzon, a RATP Dev group subsidiary, is charge of running, under a public service contract, the city of Vierzon’s transport service under the commercial name Le Vib'

The network comprises:
-3 regular lines and 3 school lines
-On-demand transport (Créavib)
-A free city-centre shuttle service
-415,000 km and 890,000 journeys every year

Our services

Contact us

  • 02 48 75 37 21

  • Mairie de Vierzon
    (Place de l'Hôtel de Ville)

    STUV Le Vib'
    (2 rue Gay Lussac 18100 Vierzon)
    Email: contact@le-vib.com

Organising authority

The city of Vierzon authorises and implements the organisation of public transport in its zone.

As an organising authority, it is in charge of:
-drawing up and implementing the PDA urban transport plan
-ensuring the financial soundness of the network
-defining the contractual framework of the network operator
-approving major public transport projects