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Who are JVMalin's partner networks?

The "Partner networks" section provides a complete overview of our partner networks.

Creating links to this website

The JVMalin information website allows for hypertext links to its pages, on condition that:

  • the deeper technical structure of the link is not exploited, i.e. by embedding the pages into the pages of another website, visible by opening a separate window, 
  • that the source of the hypertext link redirecting to the content is specified. 

The information obtained may only be used for personal, education, associative or professional purpose. Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is forbidden.

How do I contact customer service in case of a problem?

If you have any difficulty using the JVMalin website or require specific information, feel free to contact our customer service by filling in the "Contact us" form. We will answer your query in full within four days.

How does the mobile version of JVMalin work?

It’s a piece of cake!

The JVMalin website is available on all platforms and accessible from any mobile browser.

This version of the site is adapted to the ergonomic constraints of different platforms and includes all the features of the site. Use the service throughout your journey to:

  • Calculate and choose your public transport itinerary
  • Be guided every step along the way, from point of departure to point of arrival   
  • Look up your saved points of interest  and addresses in your account under “My space”
  • Find out the next departure time for your selected stops 
  • Find the timetable for your favourite or nearby stops   
  • Check the status of current or planned disruptions in the “Traffic information” section
  • Stay informed of the services offered by the Centre region network(s)

Questions liées au compte utilisateur

How do I create an account and why?

By having an account you can receive notifications on your preferred journeys and updates on disruptions.
To create your account, enter your email address, create a password, fill in the optional fields and confirm your input by entering the Captcha code, ticking the box “I have read and agree to the terms of use for this website” and clicking “validate”.
Within the next minute you should receive an email to activate your account.

How do I create an alert?

Creating an alert couldn't be easier. Start by connecting to your account and plan a journey.
When the itinerary is generated, click on "Create an alert". Simply select the days for which you wish to receive an alert and validate. You will now be informed by email of any disruptions to your journey.

Questions liées à l'info trafic

How am I informed of the traffic status?

The traffic information section informs you of any planned disruptions to the JVMalin partner networks.
Select the network and/or the date on which you wish to travel to see the expected traffic status for your journey.
The information provided by the JVMalin multi-modal journey planner is not updated in real time and only covers disruptions planned 48h in advance.
In the event of a planned disruption, the relative information is conveniently displayed along with the results of your itinerary or time search.
You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of your preferred network.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

Click on the RSS feed pictogram of your chosen network, then copy-paste the URL of the page that appears into your prefereed RSS reader.

Questions liées à la recherche horaire

How do I find the timetable of a given stop?

To find the timetable at a given stop, go to "Getting around" then "Times", and indicate the commune and the name of the stop.

How do I find the timetable of a given line?

In the "Your line" search form under the "Times", select the network, line and direction. You can also select the date. Click "Search" and the timetable for desired line and direction will appear.

Questions liées à la recherche A proximité

How do I find the transport stops closest to an address?

Use the “In the local area” tab to enter an address, stop or commune and find nearby public transport stops and places of interest. The JVMalin multi-modal journey planner maps out the closes stops to the provided address or stop and indicates nearby public transport lines. Simply click on the line and the desired direction to view the transport timetable. You can also adjust the search radius to see if there are any other stops within a larger radius.

Questions on the journey planner

How do I plan my journey?

Using the search form on the home page, indicate the point of departure, specifying the desired commune, stop, point of interest or address, and the place of arrival, following the same principle.
Then select the desired date of departure, the current date being indicated by default. Select a time of departure OR a time of arrival. Click on “more options” to modify your search options.
In all cases, JVMalin and its multi-modal journey planner will calculate the best possible itinerary to leave or arrive at the desired time (before and after).

Do I need to select or deselect the modes of transport?

By default, the journey planner factors in all the modes of transport. For more specific requirements (for accessibility reasons or personal preference), you can deselect one or more modes of transport. Keep in mind that doing so will limit the choice of possible itineraries

How do I make sense of the suggested journeys?

The JVMalin multi-modal journey planner systematically suggests several journeys for your search. They take into account your search criteria (date, time) and any other important details (leaving earlier or arriving later).
• The JVMalin multi-modal journey planner automatically and expediently highlights the best journey matching your search.
• The pictograms represent the different modes of transport (bus, train, etc.) you can take on your journey.
• Click on the proposed itinerary to access a step-by-step view of your journey.
Click on “modify” to change your search criteria at any time.

What is the geographical coverage?

Planning a journey is possible for all hours for the entire Centre region as well at the main stations of the major cities of France (Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, etc.). Important: outside the Centre region, only searches by station are possible. Consult our partner networks in the JVMalin multi-modal journey planner portal.

Why can't I do the journey by car?

The JVMalin multi-modal journey planner is first and foremost a search tool for finding multi-modal itineraries in the Centre region by drawing from the public transport offering. Personal cars or bicycles are nevertheless a means of reaching a parking lot for cars and bicycles if users’ point of departure is too far from the public transport network.

What should I put as my point or departure or arrival?

The JVMalin multi-modal journey planner allows you to plan your journey leaving from or going to:

  • a postal address located in the Centre region or in cities added to the region
  • a public transport stop or station serviced by one of the partners of the JVMalin multi-modal journey planner
  • a public area or place of interest (town hall, general council, prefecture, school, secondary school, high school, etc.) logged in the system.

For a more effective search, we recommend specifying two indications in your point of departure or arrival: the commune and the address, a public place or a public transport stop or station.

How is the CO2 equivalent calculated?

The itinerary calculator of the JVMalin multi-modal journey planner gives you an idea of your environmental impact by calculates the CO2 emission of your itinerary. The calculation is based on the distances covered and the CO2 production coefficient by mode of transport (TGV train: 2.5 CDE*/km; train: 37.4 CDE/km; tram 61.3 CDE/km, bus: 101.7 CDE/km; coach: 101.7 CDE/km, busway: 105.3 CDE/km; mini-bus: 128.1 CDE/km, car: 183.5 CDE/km, aeroplane: 311.9 CDE/km)
These coefficients were established by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).
 * CDE: carbon dioxide equivalent.